Kathryn Thomas

Counselling Intern

Top Specialties: Perinatal, Post Partum, Women’s Health

Expertise: Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Overwhelm, Relationship Strain, Stress

My relational approach to therapy is rooted in compassion and empathetic curiosity. I long to create a space where my clients sense they have an authentic, non judgemental friend joining them on their journey.

I believe that you are the expert on your life and that as we listen to your story together a relationship will grow where healing, growth and understanding can take place. I am convinced that each client has strengths, skills and resources and that as we ask the right questions we may gain new perspectives or uncover solutions you hadn’t noticed before.

From a client-centered holistic perspective I invite clients to explore their faith and spirituality and its impact upon their life, if they chose to do so.

As a young mother myself, I am also familiar with both the joys and challenges of becoming a parent. Each woman’s journey through pregnancy, post partum and beyond is complex and unique and can present unexpected stresses that can lead to anxiety, depression, poor health, relationship strain, or feeling generally overwhelmed. Sometimes in the journey towards growing a family you may have experienced profound loss and grief through infertility, miscarriage or stillbirth. In our therapeutic relationship I invite you to enter into these spaces with me as a gentle friend. Together we can honour and hold space for your story and slowly look towards healing, hope, and resilience.

I provide therapy to individuals 16 years old and older.

Having a good fit with a counsellor is so important for therapy to be effective. If you’re interested in connecting, please book a free consultation where you can get a sense if you’d like to explore a therapy relationship together.

Free 15-minute consultation available